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How to Treat Migraines & Head Colds : How to Diagnose Aural Migraine

Aural MigraineAnd  doctor david hilemon. Today we’re going to talk about how to diagnose and orel migraine. So what is that well migraine headaches are not just X. They were really involved transformations how electricity in signals are processed. All over the brain. That means that not everything that happens with a migraine is related campaign. Impact some people who get migraines never get headache in all. This can be very confusing very weird symptoms and very distressing and disturbing to patients. So let’s talk about how some of those things present. Know many people who get a migraine headache may just get in and settled her easier weird feeling. That they find it very difficult to describe prior to the migraine. The most common or is that we see with migraines are visual changes making coming along the flavors the most common or flashing lights almost like fireworks indeed zig-zagging mine djing at outlines around people or objects unit parts view vision that seem to come and go or that you can see particularly well. You might even get visual distortions. Things may look too small or too far away compared to how you know they really are. It’s okay you’re not going crazy but anabolic steroids you probably are having a migraine. Now to be very careful about this let me say if all your hand his visual changes you really want to see a doctor’s care that may be a migraine but you may also be having blood clots in the retina that supplies in artery that supplies you read in the back if your eye. That’s a very dangerous and vision threatening condition you may be having strokes many strokes. So it’s the only thing you’re having his visual changes for gosh sake go see a doctor about your vision and the visual changes and make sure that this really is a migraine. Now some people have or that involves a sound worse now or tangling or even nausea her abdominal pain. These main all be manifestations migraine. And for all those things you really do want to go see a doctor even perhaps a neurologist. The most primary care doctors feel comfortable managing migraines the simple ones and get the full history getting for physical exam including thorough neurological exam looking at nerve function. All over the body from the face down to the toes to make sure that you don’t have something more significant going on with your brain. Now if you do happen or a migraine it’s probably going to respond the same medicines that headache migraines respond to. There are pain relievers such as ibuprofen or excedrin migraine or Tylenol. Their migraine specific medications like imitrex a maxalt in their medications that can prevent migraines when they occur frequently. Things like propranolol which is sold as Inderal am a trip to Li Berto pyramid. These are all things you don’t want to talk to the doctor managing your migraines aboutand see what’s going to work out best for you. Talking about managing or or migraines. I’m doctor david hill.Aural Migraine


Dr Sugar-Signs and Symptons of a Migraine Headache? Part 2 of 4

Migraine symptoms

Home one done ok yeah she work him. Hello I’m doctor sugar your internet doctor. Here to continue our discussion on migraine headaches. I will go into a lot more detail on what some other signs and symptoms are migraines are. Who gets migraines and what can cause migraine. So if you’re ready. Let’s get started with the dosa medical inspiration. Migraines can be caused by a variety of physical factors or events which are often called triggers. These triggers can vary from person to person and while. They often do they may not always lead to a migraine. What is much more common is that a combination of triggers not a single thing or event is more likely to set off an attack. Some other more common triggers and women are lack of sleep or even too much sleep skipped meals bright lights loud noises and strong shoulders or hormonal changes especially during the menstrual cycle. Also things like stress anxiety or even relaxing after a stressful day can bring on a migraine as well as weather changes and then there’s all these foods that contain nitrates are MSG or terror mean. These can be found in things such as hot dogs lunch meats fast foods broths seasonings and spices and aged cheeses. So I products caffeine and red wine serb you go to that wine and cheese party watch out. So who does get migraines. Migraines are more common in women than in men. As many as 25 percent are women and a person a man will get a migraine at some time during their lifetime. About how these people get their first migraine before the age of twenty and ninety-eight percent will do so before the age of 50. Most migraines really occur between the ages of 25 and 50. And while most migraines occur in adults about five percent of people get affected with their first migraine before they are fifteen years old and even a third can get migraines before they’re even age 5 five years old. So as I mentioned earlier most people diagnosed with my great have a family history of migraine or a family history a disabling headaches. The good news is that migraines what often become less severe and less frequent with a change. So what are the signs and symptoms of migraines. Migraines are distinguished from other headaches as they come on were gradually usually. And other classic signs of migraine include a throbbing more pounding more posts aiding nature of pain. And like I said pain that’s worse on one side of the head and pain that lasts a long time anywhere from six to 48 hours. And sometimes there’s other accompanying signs that go along with my green as well symptoms. Nausea and vomiting sensitivity to light or sound decreased or loss of appetite fatigue numbness tingling and weakness. So those type things can all be a signal that a migraine headache is upon you. I’m doctor sugar. Be sure to watch part 30 our series on migraine headaches. In the next section I will go into a lot more detail on what some other tests for migraines are what the prognosis is and what can be done to prevent migraines. So make sure to watch it and i’ll see you there. Him the do the she.

Migraine Headaches : Migraine Prevention & Symptoms

migraine headachesHello  I’m out smiles come I’m urologists in York City and I’m the director the New York Alexander. Migraine usually results in many different symptoms. Most common ones that actual pain or headache on noise is a common symptoms since the light and noise. So we Creek our pain with pain medicines mom we treat nausea with other nausea medications but there are non-drug approaches as well. We can use

Acupuncture for both pain and nausea. There is a IR acupuncture base treatment called see them you put on your wrist which relieves nausea. Arm as well migraine and other noisier arm conditions with nausea. So people who are very since to bright light we suggest the orange called lenses. Contact lenses can be very effective. Arm there are many other treatments you can mom up do at home without resorting to medications. Are ginger is very good for nausea and for pain we use of topical analgesics such as tiger balm or other arm cooling substances you can apply to you for that temples.

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